Welcome to the Homepage of Capi City


Capi City is a client for the online server monopd. You can play Monopoly like games with it online. Capi City is build with Qt4, so it runs on all important Operating Systems. If you want to try go to the Download section and download a package for you.


The Roadmap can change during time. For each version there are targets to be reached.
Capitalsim: Capid:
Capi City: Capid:


  Source Win32 Capid source
Stable packages
1.0 Download Download Download
0.5 Download Download  
0.4 Download Download  
0.3 Download Download  
0.2 Download Download
0.1 Download Download
Unstable packages
0.3 RC 1 Download  
0.3 Beta 2 Download  
0.3 Beta 1 Download  
0.2 RC 1 Download  
0.2 Beta 2 Download  
0.2 Beta 1 Download  
0.1 RC 1 Download  
0.1 Beta 2 Download  
0.1 Beta 1 Download  
0.1 Alpha 1 Download  
SVN repository
RPMS for openSUSE 11.1/11.2 and Fedora 11/12

How to help

If you want to code for Capi City, or translate, or make graphics leave a note on my SourceForge project. So i can give you SVN write access.
If you want to test the latest sources: check out the trunk/ directory from the SVN with
svn co https://capitalism.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/capitalism/trunk/Capitalism Capitalism
for Capi City and/or:
svn co https://capitalism.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/capitalism/trunk/Capid Capid
for Capid.
Then try the program(s) and file found bugs in the Bugtracker
If you want to make a bedder homepage: Build one and Send my a message on SourceForge.net