A Screenshot guide to Capitalim

Here i am going to tell the GUI Development of Capi City. Lets begin with the very first Screenshot:
Capi City 01
Here we see the first idea, how the GUI should look like. During developen it has changed a lot.

Capi City 02
Here we see the first version of the drawing-engine. In the scren it just draws Estaes with their names, colors and document. All Estates are given by MonopdGame. On the GUI side i added a small preview, how the Chat will look like. I also splitted the Tools Dock into three Docks: Turn, Jail and Estate. The Turn Dock got also icons for the Buttons. To See how it will look like, i took the only two icons i had at this time for all buttons.

Capi City 03
Now we see some changes: The GUI now shows all Players with Avatar, name and money. In the Chat-dock you see a test of a real chat. I also tabbed the Docks as you see in the screenshot by default. On the Field, you can see the avatars, of the estateowners and the Players represented by the avatars. The Esates are now given by server.

Capi City 04
Mor changes: We begin with the field. Is an estate Owned, it get a light-green background. The Houses are now drawn. Mortgaged Estates are darker. And Jailed Players get a Jail on the Field. On the GUI there are also changes: The Turn-dock icons are now complete. The Chat-dock is empty by default (mus be filled with chat content :) ). And you see a Message from Server in the Events-dock.

Capi City 05
Here is only a small gimmik: A jailed Player gets a jail in the Players-dock too.

Capi City 06
This screen shows the first Version for Auctions. You can also see that the "Oriental Avenue" is blued a little bit. From now on, you can select Estates to manage them. You also see that the Estate-Dock has now Icons for the Buttons. Here i experimentet with a squared arrengment of the buttons.

Capi City 07
Here yoiu see a first version of the trade window. The first Idea was to be able to add a Estate/Money and Card trade at the same time. But in later Version each line got it's own comboboxes and button. You also see the current trades. In later versions it is simplified a little bit.

Capi City 08
Here you can in the middle the current messages got by server (Atlanik-like). At the buttom of the center, you see two buttons. One to auction an estate and one for buying it. The Buttons are given by server (and gets only a text and a command to send, if clicked). I looked the command and gave the buttons the mathing icon. Look in the Menu: The Action Menu is missing. It was removed, since, it is not needed. In the Player-dock each Player gets an own frame. I also renamed the Events-Dock to messages dock.

Capi City 09
An auction in action with the refaktored Fieldcenter.

Capi City 10
For releasing 0.1 there has to be a GUI to connect to a server. Here it is. Look at the right: Since screensare going to 16:9 i made Capi City wider a litte bit by moving the Message and Chat dock to the right by default. If you want, you can move them back. Note: You can rearrange the docks completly If you wish a dock to disappear: Close it. You can restore it.

Capi City 11
Here we are connected to a server, and see the Game lobby. From here you can start or join games. As you perhaps noticed in the screenshot above: Now all Icons are finished.

Capi City 12
It looks like "Atlantik". I know. But i get the options by server and a list is a good Idea to show them.

Capi City 13
This screenshot shows 0.1 in action. You can see small changes: The chat and Message Dock are using altering background-color for the messages. Oh yes: In Atlanik you have only one box for chatting and server messages. I splitted them.

Capi City 14
This screenshot shows a small preview of 0.2: You can manage Estates directly on the field, The estate dock is still working, but from now on, it is not the only way. The Context-menu shows you only the things you can do. (Except for Sell: As Client i cannot know, if selling is enabled, or not. So it is show, when you could sell it, if selling is allowed.)
Capi City 17
This is a first screenshot of the 0.3 version. The changes from 0.1:
Two line HUD.
The estate-dock is invisible per default.
From 0.2:
A Button to highlit a player (in screenshot Anubis2 is highlighted), with the highlighting: The avatar is bigger and the owned estates have a different color.
Shadows of avatars.

Capi City 18
This screenhsot shows the new ownership overview. You can also see the new Highligh-button, that allows you to highligh a player. Also There is a Button tu begin a trade.

Capi City 20
A 0.3 Version in action.

Capi City 21
A Screenshot from the upcomming 0.4: Trades are now intergated to the mainwindow. Also the Jail and Turn Dock are merged.

Capi City 22
What can we see here for the 0.4: If the game sends icons for estates they are drawn.

Capi City 23
Now Capi City supports the backgroundcolor of the estates. Unowned estates are highlighed with a brighter color. On The screenshot sou see only one color, because the classic monopoly game has just one color.
And: i have made nicer icons for the estates. The monopoly-game from monopd just has the two icons.
Minor visible: The estate-ownership overview is more compact.
Capi City 28
New in 0.5 a searchbar. You can search estates with it.
Capi City 28
The new chat-design.
Capi City 30
Whatch the costum-avatar support in Capi City 1.0 (works only with Capid)
Capi City 31
Here you can have a look for server-side images in Capi City and Capid.